About Peak

At Peak Fitness our family of coaches have a rich body of knowledge—each coach has a deep understanding of different aspects of fitness.That means our members can train and get better in any area of fitness.

We’re about more than just fitness. We’re a family – a family supported by a team of coaches and staff, each dedicated to offering guidance and support to you, every day. Since we believe you deserve the best when you’re giving your best, all our amenities are top of the line.

We don’t do one-size-fits-all fitness. Why would we? Everyone comes to us with different needs, goals and objectives. And, we’re 100% dedicated to helping you achieve the results you want.

Peak’s skilled coaches have developed a new approach to fitness, building a program that’s comprehensive, inclusive and always challenging. Inside these walls, your safety is always our foremost priority.

Our Trainers

  • JohnPaul Buchanan
    JohnPaul Buchanan Owner / Founder

    Personal Trainer // Since 2010
    (915) 875-2046

  • Pamela Buchanan
    Pamela Buchanan OWNER / FOUNDER

    Personal Trainer // Since 2013
    (915) 249-0096

  • Kimberly Rayner
    Kimberly Rayner Owner/Founder

    Personal Trainer // Since 2009
    (915) 449-8893

  • David Paloz Jr.
    David Paloz Jr. Personal Trainer

    Personal Trainer // Since 2006
    (915) 920-2316